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User Manuals/Tutorials

Use the links below for quick access to specific topics within the various online User Manuals and guides. These User Manuals provide step-by-step instructions for using the various ASC features. You can also access the individual manuals under the related main menu item.

Additional User Manuals are under development and will be available soon. Screen shots will eventually be added to all individual User Manuals for further assistance. Also, Frequently Asked Questions and other helpful information will be here in the near future. So check back often for new developments!

Getting Started

  1. Creating your Account
  2. Creating your basic Profile
  3. Verification Process

The following are available to registered members only:

Managing Your Profile

  1. Info Tab
  2. Activity Tab = Journal
  3. Friends Tab
  4. Groups Tab
  5. My Topics Tab
  6. Photos Tab = Albums
  7. Events Tab

Top of Page

Account, Profile, and Privacy Settings

  1. Account Settings
  2. Profile Information
  3. My Settings

Browse and Search Members

  1. Browse and Search Members
  2. View Members Profile
  3. Friend Request


  1. Understanding Social Forums
  2. Topics
  3. Additional Options

Top of Page

Messages, Notifications and Alerts

  1. Messages
  2. Compose A Message
  3. Sent Messages
  4. Message Settings
  5. Notifications

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